Standard Black Mount

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The classic black mount is right here and it’s classy and it’s elegant. The black mount is loved universally, and it isn’t difficult to understand why, it goes with anything and will match your most beloved print and frame perfectly. If you’re wanting a darker, warmer toned colour but wanting to stay classic, then this one is the one for you. A match made in heaven.

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Mount sizes

7" X 5", 8" X 6", 8" X 8", 10" X 8", 10" X 10", 12" X 10", 12" X 12", 14" X 11", 16" X 12", 16" X 12" With A4 Aperture, 18" X 14", 20" X 16", 20" X 16" With A3 Aperture, A5


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